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  • August 12, 2021

InIn their initial years, gaming PCs were intended to be work area substitutions. The main Razer Cutting edge, delivered in 2011, was right around seven pounds; the 2012 Sharp edge was 6.6. Battery life was a snickering matter. (The 2017 Zephyrus had a little more than two hours.) Gaming workstations were massive and ostentatious. They were intended for gaming on a tight spending plan, not for gaming in a hurry.

Be that as it may, the age of the ultraportable is here. There’s currently a 2.01-pound PC with six centers, there’s a 3.3-pound PC with a discrete GPU, and a 5-pound PC is viewed as on the substantial side. Every year, we’re expecting lighter scratch pad that can accomplish more — and as efficiency PCs move toward that path, so are the gaming machines.

That’sThat’s the place where the AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS comes in. For as long as decade, the principle contention for a Ryzen chip over an Intel chip focused on cost as opposed to execution. However, AMD has delivered a central processor that could, without precedent for ongoing memory, rival Intel’s best in class model. The 35W 4900HS, with 8 centers, 16 strings, and 3.0 GHz clock speeds that can help up to 4.4 GHz, clashes with Intel’s Center i9-9880H; it’s intended to control work area class gaming and usefulness in compact PCs.


Requesting games are playable

Smooth retro energy

Agreeable touchpad and console

Solid battery life for usefulness

Terrible STUFF

No webcam

16:9 viewpoint proportion is lumbering for usefulness

Central processor gets hot

Purchase for $1,449.99 from Best Purchase

We’re getting our first glance at the 4900HS in quite a while quintessential use case: the $1,449 Asus ROG Zephyrus G14. By one way or another, Asus packed a 4900HS and a Nvidia RTX 2060 Max-Q into a 14-inch note pad that weighs simply over 3.5 pounds. It likewise has 16GB of Slam, a 1TB SSD, and a 120Hz presentation. It’s strange to see such incredible equipment in a little case: the G14 is the littlest Zephyrus gaming PC Asus has at any point made, and it’s likewise one of only a handful few 14-inch PCs to match a H-series processor with a discrete GPU.

(You can get a similar model with a Ryzen 7 4800HS, 16GB Slam, 512GB capacity, and the less-incredible GTX 1660 TI Max-Q for $1,299, or go down to 8GB of Smash, a GTX 1650, and a 60Hz screen for $1,049.)

I’m glad to say that the G14 conveys. The PC is phenomenal for usefulness, and it’s loads of amusing to utilize. The 4900HS and 2060 Max-Q team can deal with requesting games like Red Dead Reclamation II and Shadow of the Burial chamber Thief. Similarly as with any gaming rig, you’ll make some compromises for that presentation. Yet, all things considered, the penances that the G14 asks are little.

THE G14 IS Loads OF Amusing TO Utilize

I’ll begin by discussing the gaming experience since that is presumably what you care generally about on the off chance that you tapped on this audit. Dread not: it’s acceptable. It’s pretty much as great as you’d anticipate from a H-Series processor, a 2060 Max-Q, and a 120Hz screen.

CS:GO arrived at the midpoint of 216fps on most extreme settings, with a low of 49. Movement was smooth, and I could see singular residue particles and flashes flying from different things I shot. The more graphically concentrated Shadow of the Burial place Looter was additionally playable on the most elevated settings (with beam following off), averaging around 74fps with at least 58. The play was likewise very smooth and view, from splendid towns to dim wildernesses, looked extraordinary.

OnOn a definitive test, Red Dead Reclamation II turned up to Ultra (with quick and multisample against associating off), the G14 conveyed even more a control center like insight, accomplishing a normal of 31fps and a low of 14. Columns of stores and trees were somewhat hazy as I dashed past them riding a horse, and there was some stammering in whirlwinds of residue and snow. However, the game was practical. The vast majority will make some better memories on High settings, in any case, where the G14 drifted around 50fps.

ON ‘RED DEAD Recovery II,’ THE G14 Conveyed A Control center LIKE Insight

I presume cooling is keeping the G14 down to some degree. The 4900HS got pretty hot under requesting titles; it hit 98 degrees Celsius during my 80-minute meeting of Red Dead, and 97 during my extended meeting of Burial chamber Bandit. That is not unforeseen from a 14-inch PC running AAA titles, however a PC with a similar equipment yet better cooling would likely see better outcomes.

Presently, for the wide range of various stuff.

Asus has pleasantly refined its retro stylish. In case there were PCs in Battlestar Galactica, they would resemble the G14. A dab framework covers half of the top — these can work as a Drove show that can show GIFS, the time, and other slick impacts, however that model will not be accessible for a couple of more weeks. On the non-Drove model, they’re as yet a cool plan.

In the same way as other more slender PCs, the G14’s screen folds under the deck when you open it, lifting the console somewhat over the ground. This, in principle, assists with cooling by permitting air to all the more likely course, and it additionally shrouds a lump of the screen’s huge base bezel. A few group discover these sorts of pivot awkward in their laps, however I approved of this one, which is gruff and adjusted.

THE PORT Determination IS Useful

The port determination is useful: two USB-C, two USB-A, a HDMI, and a 3.5mm sound jack. The G14 can charge by means of USB-C, but on the other hand there’s a jack for Asus’ 180W connector in the event that you would prefer not to take up a port. There’s no Thunderclap 3, obviously, since that is Intel’s exclusive norm. This is a terrible drawback of utilizing an AMD framework until further notice, however the G14’s HDMI and DisplayPort abilities give you different alternatives for associating with peripherals.

This presumably will not astonish you in the event that you’ve claimed a more modest gaming PC previously, yet on the off chance that you intend to utilize the G14 for perusing and efficiency, the biggest compromise you’re making is screen quality. The note pad has a 1920 x 1080 screen with a 16:9 viewpoint proportion, which is good enough with more modest gaming machines. You’re not prone to see numerous 14-inch 120Hz boards at any higher goal, and a 4K board would be a major request from the 2060 Max-Q.

That implies the G14’s screen is superb for gaming, and it’s not awful for video-observing by the same token. It’s matte and kicks back basically no glare. Dull scenes from Modified Carbon looked extraordinary, even in splendid rooms. Some lighter tones, (for example, a wedding dress and Joel Kinnaman’s skin) had a greenish color to them, yet it’s not recognizable in case you’re not searching for it. (The screen covers 100% of the SRGB range and 75.35 percent of Adobe RGB.) I saw much more glare outside, yet it’s usable there after all other options have been exhausted.


The drawback is that on the off chance that you plan on doing a great deal of perusing or usefulness work, you’ll be more confined than you would on a 3:2 showcase like that of Huawei’s MateBook 13. I needed to zoom out to 70 to 80 percent to serenely work two windows next to each other.

TheThe second downside is the fans. The G14 works effectively keeping itself cool, given the force of the equipment it’s pressing into a 3.5-pound case. In case you’re utilizing this machine on its default fan settings for performing multiple tasks, you’re probably going to hear a steady whimper. It’s boisterous enough that your office neighbors will hear it. I became accustomed to this decently fast, yet it’s a reality significant in case you’re exacting about fan commotion.

You can likewise change to Asus’ “Quiet” profile, which makes the fans unintelligible. I was concerned that suppressing the fans would make the 4900HS fry itself, however perusing in this profile was still entirely feasible. You will not have any desire to utilize this mode for escalated gaming, obviously, yet even while running a few Chrome tabs and various different projects, including Slack, Spotify, a few benchmarks, the G14 was absolutely cold in my lap, and the computer processor didn’t pass 35 degrees Celsius.


14-inch non-touchscreen (1920 x 1080 goal)

AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS



No webcam

Intel Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5

4-cell 76WHr battery

180W AC connector

Discussing the touchpad and console, they are both incredible. The Windows Accuracy Trackpad is a decent size and exceptionally simple to press. The keys are clicky with fair travel, without being adequately boisterous to irritate officemates. The deck is durable, with very little flex. The names do hold Asus’ science fiction text style that appears as though it has a place in a Johnny Rockets café; you can take your own view on that plan decision. I additionally appreciate that the G14 has a different board containing the volume controls and a key that quiets or unmutes the amplifier, just as a marginally less accommodating catch that opens Asus’ control board.

I never suspected I’d say this regarding a gaming PC, yet the battery life is likewise excellent. During my ordinary workday of trading between twelve Chrome tabs, running Leeway, and sometimes streaming Netflix or Spotify at 50% brilliance and a decent battery profile, I got around 8 hours and 50 minutes of juice. That implies the G14 can endure a workday on battery and can deal with a long transport or plane ride too. The gadget required 41 minutes to energize to 60 percent on Asus’ attachment and 53 minutes to do the equivalent through USB-C.

Consent TO Proceed: ASUS ROG ZEPHYRUS G14

Each savvy gadget presently expects you to consent to a progression of agreements before you can utilize it — gets that nobody really peruses. It’s incomprehensible for us to peruse and dissect each and every one of these arrangements. In any case, we began checking precisely how frequently you need to hit “concur” to utilize gadgets when we audit them since these are arrangements the vast majority don’t peruse and unquestionably can’t arrange.

Similarly as with different Windows 10 PCs, the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 gives you numerous things to consent to or decay upon arrangement.

The compulsory arrangements, for which an understanding is require.

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