Mobotron MS-426 Laptop Mount

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  • August 12, 2021

The Mobotron MS-426 is a no-drill mount that bolts onto the front seat of your vehicle, which makes it simple to introduce, eliminate or overlap away. The mount has a definite grasp plate that can hold a tablet or enormous PC, and offers loads of working position choices with level or vertical movement.

This work area has seats my life. Rather than attempting to adjust the PC on my lap and type like a T-Rex while gazing directly down giving me a sensitive neck I can undoubtedly type and am substantially more useful. My work vehicle is a Chevy Cruze the seat trac doesn’t have a bolt so I could slide in the foot of this yet no bolt to hold it set up. Wound up boring a bolt through the seat track and securing the food. Was exceptionally simple. Still ready to simply unfasten it’s when o have a traveler. I have a huge and hefty PC so it can wobble however never feels like it will fall or break apart. In the event that you have a weighty and enormous PC get the solidness bar as well.

It’s simply alright. It works however it’s burdensome. Set up is a bitch. On the off chance that the bolt that interfaces your seat to the vehicle isn’t at the right point, that is, completely opposite or corresponding to the floor of the vehicle, the section doesn’t fit well. The entire unit isn’t designed well and you need to get frantic with it to make a portion of the parts to fit together right. Changing it to the right point is abnormal. Other than that, it works OK in case you’re stopped, yet I wouldn’t believe a costly PC to remain secure while moving, even on simple, level roads. Pay somewhat more and improve.

About this item

No drilling- make sure the passenger seat rail is flat and the bolt is easily accessible and visible

Fully adjustable-allows to adjust tray vertically (180°) and horizontally (360°)

Holds 17lb (parked) / 11lb (moving)

Quick-release lever and knob-screw allow users to adjust working station into best working position

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